UtahJS - JavaScript Engineers of Utah

2021 UtahJS Conference
Friday October 8th 2021

10th Annual UtahJS Conference

The 2021 UtahJS Conference will be a 1-day conference on Friday, October 8, 2021 at the Slopes EVNTS Center in Draper.

We are excited to get back together in person!

With the theme "Restart Your Network" we are focusing on creating networking opportunities. There will be 2 lecture tracks and 1 track for networking activities.

Check out the full schedule!

Featured Speakers

Kent C. Dodds, Software Engineer Educator

How I Built a Website in 2021

The coolest modern tech including React, Remix, Prisma, Postgres, Redis, Fly.io, tailwind, TypeScript, and more!

Ethan Garofolo, Microservices consultant and trainer

Getting Your Microservices Into Gear With Gearshaft

Gearshaft is based on the award-winning Ruby-based Eventide Project, and brings Autonomous Microservices into the modern age for Node.js developers.

Daniel Sellers, VP of Engineering @ Osmosis

Don’t paint yourself into a corner: architecting for flexibility

Practical applications of choosing the best tradeoffs when architecting new solutions.

Dave Alger, Senior Frontend Developer at MX

Landing more interviews

How to build a fantastic resume and get your foot in the door.

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