Join Us

Come join us at UtahJS meetups via our page.

2015 UtahJS Conference is on September 25, 2015!

UtahJS is an educational non-profit that promotes web programming in Utah and JavaScript for developers and students at all experience levels. We are a highly active community of JavaScript enthusiasts who want to learn and teach.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings consist of short and long presentations for beginners and experts alike.

North: 6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
O.C. Tanner Labs
1865 South Main St.
Suite 20
SLC, UT 84115

South: 7pm on the 1st Thursday of each month
Stevens-Henager College
Provo-Orem Campus
1476 Sandhill Road
Orem, UT 84058

Lists and Groups

  • Mailing List. Participate in the UtahJS community via our Google Groups mailing list.
  • IRC. For quick conversations, join us in #utahjs on freenode.
  • Hack nights. Periodically we get together and help each other hack together cool web apps. Dates and locations are announced on the mailing list.
  • Learn together by contributing to our github repositories.
  • Access to books and discounts. Periodically O’Reilly and Persons send books for free, asking only for a public book review. Members can also get a discount on books and e-books.
  • Web site. Add articles, book reviews and how-tos that will help the JavaScript community.